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BlackBerry 10 Keyboard – Vivek Bhardwaj Gives us the Scoop [VIDEO]

Originally posted on Inside BlackBerry:
It’s no secret that BlackBerry fans love their keyboards, and for BlackBerry 10 we wanted to make sure that the typing experience is unmatched. Who better to show us around the keyboard than Vivek Bhardwaj, our Head of Software Portfolio and demo man extraordinaire! He explained that we not only…


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Originally posted on VentureBeat:
It’s not an overstatement to say that RIM’s future is riding on the success of BlackBerry 10. RIM knows it too, which is why the company is doing all it can to drum up support ahead of the operating system’s launch. To start, RIM has begun sending out media invitations to BlackBerry 10′s…


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New BlackBerry 10 images show off home screen UI, notifications and key apps

Originally posted on BGR:
RIM (RIMM) is less than two months away from releasing BlackBerry 10 and the images we’ve seen of the operating system so far look very promising. Now Tihnte has posted some pictures showing off BlackBerry 10′s home screen along with its notifications system and several key apps such as Twitter, Facebook (FB) and…


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Video recensione Nokia Lumia 820

HDblog ha realizzato la recensione del nuovo Nokia Lumia 820 Fonte:HDblog


Continua a leggere lancia la App per iPad dedicata allo shopping ha annunciato che la App Amazon Mobile per iPad sarà disponibile da oggi nell’App Store per tutti i clienti italiani. Ottimizzata per iPad, la App permette a tutti gli utenti di cercare e scoprire i prodotti offerti da Amazon e da migliaia di altri venditori. Inoltre include tutte quelle funzionalità che i clienti Amazon […]


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