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Hands On With The Amazon Fire Phone

Originally posted on TechCrunch:
[tc_5min code="518332949"] Announced last month, the Amazon Fire Phone is the company’s first attempt at mobile hardware. Like its cousins in the Kindle Fire line of tablets, it runs a fork of Android and gives you quick access to everything in Amazon’s large (and growing) content library. The device itself has…


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This Temporary Tattoo Can Unlock Your Phone

Originally posted on TechCrunch:
I’d think this was just a clever April Fools joke, if it wasn’t the middle of July. Motorola has teamed up with a company called VivaLnk to make a temporary tattoo that can unlock a smartphone, no PIN required. Slap it on your skin, hold your phone up to it, and…


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Apple patent granted today shows dockable ‘iTime’ watch concept as well as conventional smartwatch

Originally posted on 9to5Mac:
A patent application filed by Apple three years ago and approved today illustrates a new twist on the iWatch concept: a sensor-packed strap acting as a dock which allows a range of interchangeable modules to be snapped into place. It’s not anything we’re likely to see make it into production: the docking concept dates…


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bPhone U10, il primo telefonino pensato per la sicurezza dei bambini

Nasce da un progetto tutto italiano questo innovativo dispositivo di telefonia mobile dedicato ai più piccoli che conquisterà anche le mamme Grazie ad una partnership tra tre diverse aziende italiane, Datamatic Spa, società italiana distributrice di prodotti di informatica nel mercato dei tablet e degli smartphone con il proprio marchio Mediacom, GioMax Corporation e 21am, […]


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