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With iPads becoming the new No. 1 gateway to Apple consumerism, why not hook them while they are young? According to Rene Ritchie of iMore, Apple is replacing iMacs with iPads at the kids’ table in Apple Retail stores. In the past, iMacs were loaded with kid-friendly games sitting on a table at children’s height. But with the switch to the iPad, not much has changed. According to Ritchie, the four iPads at the table are still loaded with kid-friendly apps that allow them to draw, read books, and more.

The move definitely makes sense on Apple’s part, because iPads seem much easier for children to handle. Instead of having to use a mouse to navigate on such a large screen, children can now touch the screen to navigate their favorite app—because, in the end, children love to touch everything.

This is not the first time Apple replaced…

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