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AgileBits Shows Off 1Password Login Extension For iOS 8 Apps

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

1Password Login Extension

When Apple first showed off Touch ID on the iPhone 5s, everyone knew what it would eventually lead to: using your fingerprint to access anything secure on your iPhone, in any app. At WWDC last month, Apple finally announced that it was opening up the feature to all app developers. Now, AgileBits is showing how its 1Password app will combine Touch ID with iOS 8’s Extensions to let you securely log in to any app without having to save your credentials everywhere.

In a quick video on its blog, the company demonstrates how users will be able to use 1Password to quickly sign in to an app protected by one of its long, hard-to-crack passwords.

From the login screen, the 1Password Login extension can be reached with a quick swipe up to open Control Center. You press your thumb to Touch ID, and the extension automatically brings up the different accounts…

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Video recensione NGM Forward 5.5

HDblog ha realizzato la video recensione del nuovo NGM Forward 5.5




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Atheer Labs Releases A First Enterprise Developer Kit For Its 3D, Wearable Glasses

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

There is a pretty wide spectrum between wearables like Google Glass, which you take around with you in your everyday life, and fully immersive virtual reality experiences like the Oculus Rift, which take you out of the real world and are experienced in a stationary environment.

Atheer Labs, a Mountain View-based startup, is building a set of wearable glasses that’s somewhere in between.

“In certain cases, people need to do something in the physical world but they also need information or have to interact with the digital world,” said chief technology officer Allen Yang, who was a researcher at UC Berkeley specializing in computer vision and sensor networks before joining the company.

Atheer’s glasses let you see an overlay of information over the real world — like Google Glass — but they also let you manipulate digital fields or content with hand gestures. A sensor built into the pair…

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